As Mum to Phoebe and Henry, I have recently faced the challenge of building Phoebe's reading confidence. I wanted to find a way to engage Phoebe and other children to feel happy, confident and keen to read. After a long day at school she was never keen to bring out the home-reader, she'd rather play! And so she should! And that's why she is happy to read my apps on the iPad because it's more like playing and if she reaches a word she doesn't know, she can touch it and hear it spoken. No anxious moments of having to attempt scary words! And just recently she was asked to be the lead reader in her class assembly  'Mummy they picked me because I'm a good reader!' she told me.  It was a wonderful moment and we no longer have a drama every evening, she is happy to read and I love that.


Designed to suit the learning abilities of kids aged 2-8 both apps feature words that highlight as they are read aloud and words zoom up the screen when pictures are touched. The beautiful animation, textures, colourful illustrations, wonderful rhyme and repetition and the rich expression in the narrator�s voice will capture children�s attention, inspiring them to read and learn.  The beauty of the app is the ability to further engage children through interaction, so my aim is to maximise the potential of this rich, interactive platform, providing education and entertainment for kids at home and on the move.


'Fun and learning don't always go hand in hand, but on this occasion, it seems they do. Amy Duncan reviews two new interactive eBooks 'Hide Run Growl' and 'Open Wide Snap' that are designed to teach children to read. Read the review at









'Open Wide Snap' & 'Hide Run Growl' - Universal Apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch



�I gave Hide Run Growl five stars and this app is the same quality, with an even better story, so Open Wide Snap becomes just the third ebook to get our highest rating. Highly recommended!�


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