In the first title available in iTunes you will meet the courageous tiger cub and follow his adventure.  Mummy tiger has hurt her paw.  The little tiger cub must go hunting alone for the first time. But all the animals the tiger cub sees are much too long, too fierce or too big, all except for one�..

Creative animation and lively narration bring to life this story of friendship and helping one another, this app will suit the learning abilities of children from ages 2-8. A Universal App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

                                                                                                              The wonderful illustrations for my books are created by the very talented Mike Stonelake


  • Read to me � perfect for toddlers who love to be read to, but can also see the words highlighted as they are read


  • Read it myself � great for more established readers who want to read alone, but can still touch a word if they get stuck, perfect for parents to read to their child


  • Games � puzzles and pairs with characters from the book will help your child excel in, problem solving, concentration, memory and linguistic skills

Hide, Run, Growl is a leap forward from other

rhyming books and storylines that are often too

complex for toddlers,� said narrator Sarah Jane

Honeywell. �I am thrilled to be part of this project, the story and its functionality will help children

accelerate their reading ability and love of books.�